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28/2/2017 · World of Tanks. The T6 Soviet medium tank, the T-34-85M, was significantly buffed in 9.17.1 I give me opinion if it’s worth it. SUBSCRIBE for more videos!:

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26/4/2017 · So this used to be one of the worst tier 6 premium mediums. Then it got buffed. —– – Subscribe for more videos! https://goo.gl/SA2Zun – Follow me on twitch to watch live! https://www.twitch.tv

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25/10/2018 · World of Tanks T-34-85 – 8 Kills 4,5K Damage Medals received: Radley-Walters’ Medal, Lehvaslaiho’s Medal, High Caliber, Invader, Top Gun The T-34-85 is a Soviet tier 6 medium tank.

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The T-34-85M is a Soviet tier 6 premium medium tank. A modification of the T-34-85 tank, produced at Factory No. 183. Unlike the original vehicle, it featured enhanced front armor and reduced rear armor. Fuel tanks were transferred from the fighting compartment

Play a new series of missions and you could unlock the T-34-85M tier VI Russian medium tank! There are 18 daily missions, but you only need to complete 13 of them to get the tank. If you need a leg up, mission completions can be purchased from the Premium

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15/9/2017 · The Unicum guide to the Pz.Kpfw. IV Anko Special – Duration: 4:37. The Final Starman 10,711 views 4:37 T-34-85M – 14 Kills – 1 vs 9 – World of Tanks Gameplay

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7/2/2018 · Introducing the latest Heavy Metal Hero, the Soviet T-34-85M! This big, loud, heavy metal beast is a rock solid addition to your medium line. It sports powerful frontal armor, alongside a high

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The Grand Prize: The T-34-85M, a Soviet Tier VI medium tank, with a garage slot. After the most recent improvements, it is now more than able to keep up with the other T-34-85 versions, and offers a slightly different gameplay. While the speed is a bit lower, the

The T-34-85M blasts its way back into the Premium Shop! Zip around your foes and blast their flanks to maximize your effectiveness in battle. If you want to test this bad boy before picking it up in the Premium Shop, check out our rental missions. And for a more in

Recently, inactive players received an email with an offer, giving them a T-34-85M, 7 days of Premium account, missions and personal reserves for additional experience. In order to receive the reward, only playing the tutorial then a battle is required. Mail example

However, how does the T-34-85M stack up against the regular T-34-85 and is it worth your hard earned cash? This guide will break down the T-34-85M into firepower, armor, mobility, miscellaneous attributes, and tactics to use while playing this tank.

The T-34, a Soviet medium tank, had a profound and lasting effect on the field of tank design. At its introduction in 1940, the T-34 possessed an unprecedented combination of firepower, mobility, protection and ruggedness. Its 76.2 mm (3 in) high-velocity tank gun provided a substantial increase in firepower over any of its contemporaries[5

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I like the more random missions, but it’s stupid not to provide all the mission requirements at the start. Has the effect of pissing off players who can’t do harder missions at the end or who don’t have the right tanks, with almost no benefits.

The T-34-3 was a different version of the T-34-2 project which aimed to create T-54-esque tanks at a time when China only had IS-2s and a T-34s. It came very close to looking like a T-54 and had a 122mm gun, modified and taken from an IS-2 heavy tank. The

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The T-34-85 tends to get tracked fairly often or have its turret traverse mechanism damaged due to the shot trap the turret and hull create. Camouflage is also viable, but the T-34-85 has worse camouflage values than its predecessor, making it somewhat less

9/3/2016 · The completly New T-34-85M after patch 9.17.1 is a mix of advantages Rudy 102 and old T/34/85/M. Little bit compaling to T26E4 Super Pershing, I mean much more strongest armor then orginal (base) Preshing but costa of worse mobility. Another way the New T

Heavy Metal Hero T-34-85M TAKES center stage. No one should be without this tough medium tank that delivers badass aesthetics while bringing the hurt to the enemy lines! Compared to the T-34-85 on the Soviet tech tree, the HMH T-34-85M enjoys thicker, sloped frontal armor, allowing it to get that much closer to enemies and put its fast gun and high DPM to good use.

Two reliable variants of the famed T-34 tank line are in the Shop: T-34-85 Rudy and T-34-85M! Historically, the T-34 was one of the most reliable tanks in World War II, and the vehicle variant was prominently featured in a popular Polish TV series, Four Tank-Men and a Dog (1966-70). (1966-70).


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Do to me getting a duplicate premium out of a hero crate from the ops I have some gold leftover that I can spend getting one of these two. While I know the 85M is one of the best tier 6 mediums in the game, I already have tons of Russian crew trainers (34-88, Hydra

The T-34-85 Rudy is a Soviet tier 6 premium medium tank. This fictional T-34-85 tank, identified as Number 102 of the 1st Tank Brigade of the Polish Army, was featured in the Polish TV series “Four Tank-Men and a Dog.” In reality, T-34-85s were produced in

r/WorldofTanksConsole: Subreddit for the console version of the game World of Tanks. We like tanks and hate artillery. We are here for the free Which one? I hear and see the Yazi being stupid, but the T-34-85M has some very impressive frontal armor.

Hello everyone, if you follow FTR, you already know that the Soviet tree will be not one, but two medium premium tanks richer. One is the tier 8 T-54 Mod.1945 and the other, recently unveiled, a tier 6 premium tank, the T-34-85M. The first one was already covered in

Sorry if this gets asked a bit too often, but from previous posts I couldn’t really tell if they were before or after the T-34-85M buffs. Also, just as often as you’d find someone quickly dismissing the Rudy, you’d find people praising its mobility. More so, apparently some

World of tanks – comparing tanks side by side: T-34-85M vs. T-34-85 A modification of the T-34-85 tank, produced at Factory No. 183. Unlike the original vehicle, it

22/4/2017 · Anywhere i can get the T-34-85M? – posted in General Discussion: Nunya_000, on Oct 24 2018 – 14:31, said: The T34-85M is not going to suddenly change this. It is a solid tank, but it will still go boom if you are hit too often. I get that dude. Im just saying that

May 1 is Labor Day in many countries, and this weekend we celebrate with discounts on Crew training, XP conversion, and consumables. Plus, give your Crews double XP for their hard work! You can also pick up the flank-eriffic T-34-85M medium tank, available for a

Note: the distances measured with T-34-85M speedometers are not accurate, as they have drive wheels with 5 bars (instead of 6 on production tanks), without modification to the speedometer. All trials were performed in accordance with the program approved by the

BTW, is the T-34-85M even worth the effort? From what I’ve seen in Tank Inspector, uparmored front still isn’t that impressive (it’s 110 effective, 150 on driver’s hatch, also remember that you can’t angle much), and compared to normal T-34-85, it has a lot less

7/8/2014 · So, the T-34-85m is better than the Rudy. – posted in General Discussion: Why though? Its more or less the same as the Rudy and the TT T-34-85 but gets an extra 1.54 rpm rate of fire, because reasons. That gives it an additional 15% dpm over the Rudy or the TT

World of tanks – comparing tanks side by side: T-34-85 vs. T-34-85M vs. T-34-85 Rudy Final modification of the T-34 tank of 1943. A new three-man gun turret allowed a more powerful 85-mm gun to be mounted. This greatly increased the combat effectiveness of the

4/12/2014 · Has anyone three-marked the FG T-34? – posted in General Discussion: Its such a dismal tank that I imagine the requirements are quite low, but it also under-performs so much that getting past those requirements can be quite difficult. Its the last in my collection of

27/1/2016 · Will we get T-34-85M on console? – posted in Game Suggestions: Gday fellas, how are we? Ive been hoping to get T-34-85M for my little collection but my mate told me that we are not likely get it since weve already got T-34-88 on console which PC doesnt have.

5/12/2015 · T-34-88 TANK REVIEW / GUIDE – posted in General Discussion: T-34-88 GUIDE / REVIEW Tier VI German captured Russian recaptured Premium medium tank Who am I and why does my opinion matter? I roughly have 600+ games in this tank. i have owned it

VI T-34-85M 3,000 Gold 1,500,000 Credits Enhanced Gun-laying Drive Improved Ventilation Class 2 Medium-caliber Tank Gun Rammer Get XP for the first 20 wins in the T-34-85M 1x Garage Slot BUY NOW T-34-85M Loaded: $27.99 Bundle Contents: VI T-34 1x

T 34-85m matchmaking. World of tanks Preferential Matchmaking Chart for Premium Vehicles – posted in Current IS-2 • T-34-85 Rudy • Tankenstein • T6 Dracula • FCM 50 t • T26E4 Why doesn’t the T34 get preferential MM when the T26E4 and the IS-6 do?

It seem Wargaming Asia decided to share all T-35-85M Missions. It’s a very easy marathon to complete, so if you want a decent Tier VI Premium, you will be more than able to pick it up. Or if you already own it these will be the easiest 1,500,000 Credits you ever

9/7/2018 · this suggestion was requested by Crazy from Tank encyclopedia discord. i would like to suggest a very little know prototype of T-34 who never saw the production because of the end of the war. The T-34/85M the development of this new T-34 started in May 28th

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