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12/4/2017 · 9 People With the Biggest Arms, Feet and More. You Won’t Believe They Are Real – Duration: 10:02. #Mind Warehouse Recommended for you

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Oleg Zhokh. 2,610 likes · 13 talking about this. Athlete Igor Mazurenko: On my way to the Oleg’s hospital, I had different thoughts about what I would see and what were his prospects in sports and life.

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Oleg Zhokh: rehabilitation is going well. Professional Armwrestling Site – Professional Armwrestling Site – forum, armsport, competitions, training equipment, rules, training

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UPDATE (26 March 2019) VIDEO: The first training of Oleg Zhokh after the hospital 2019 Donations for the families of Andrey Pushkar and Oleg Zhokh I made a small list with the places where you can make donations to help

Oleg Zhokh, 19 December 2018 UPDATE (26 March 2019) VIDEO: The first training of Oleg Zhokh after the hospital 2019 First interview of Oleg after the

Many people inside the arm wrestling community know about Oleg Zhokh not only because of being a top athlete but also for his disproportionate left arm which is humongous in size. The real reason behind this is because his muscle in his left forea

Oleg Zhokh is without any doubt the strongest pound for pound left hand puller in the history. Since 2011 he is undefeated in his own weight class and has beaten many of the top heavyweight pullers. Him to pull 3 weight categories and giving a nightmare to Devon

2/5/2014 · “Oleg was born with 6 fingers but had one cut off at a young age to fit in.. Result of the chernobyl fall out. Mutated left arm is much stonger and muscular than it should be. Literally freak of nature plus radioactivity.” people say he grow up near Chernobyl.

Professional Armwrestling Site – Professional Armwrestling Site – forum, armsport, competitions, training equipment, rules, trainings and technique, world rankings and hall of fame Igor Mazurenko has tested and Oleg Zhokh with Andrey Pushkar. Young athlete

Oleg Tverdovsky (born 1976), Ukrainian-Russian ice hockey player Oleg Velyky (1977–2010), German handball player Oleg Vernyayev (born 1993), Ukrainian gymnast Oleg Voloshyn (born 1981), Russian-Ukrainian journalist, political pundit, and former Oleg I of

Region of origin: Eastern Europe

Oleg Viktorovich Zhokhov is a Russian businessman, CEO of “MAG Group Russia” which owns the largest landfill in Russia, “MAG-1”, designed for disposal and processing of

Born: Oleg Viktorovich Zhokhov, 25 March 1967,

Oleg Zhokh: To stało się całkiem przypadkowo, jakieś cztery lata temu. Przyjaciele zauważyli, że jestem silny, że mam silną lewą rękę i zaproponowali mi treningi siłowania na ręce. Tak, żebym spróbował. Wystartowałeś w zawodach i co się stało? Potem

German ‘Popeye’ Enters Professional Arm Wrestling After Genetic Defect Gives Him A Massive Right Arm By Justin Caba Professional arm wrestler Matthias “Hellboy” Schlitte was born with a genetic defect that caused his right arm to develop to almost twice the

Official www.armbets.tv channel. Videos from the most significant armwrestling events: Vendetta All Stars, “Zloty Tur” Professional World Cup, Professional A

19/11/2017 · Oleg Zhokh he is doing the same thing as this guy Allow me to impress upon you the severe mistake you have made. For years my conduct has been largely benign And yet without provocation you have severed our détente and forced me to unleash upon you

14/11/2018 · I just read a post in an armwrestling group that says Oleg is stable but in a pharmacological coma with many fractures. It’s difficult to source this as I don’t speak the language, but it was a relief to read that he is stable and thought I’d share it. If anyone can add to

16/11/2018 · Pushkar, Oleg Zhokh and his father were involved in a very bad car accident. unfortunately Pushkar and Oleg’s father died. Oleg is now in the hospital fighting for his life. I hate when stuff like this happen. May they rest in peace. I hope Oleg will make it. Pushkar

Już kilka lat temu pojawił się ten temat. Po sieci poleciało zdjęcie zawodnika walczącego na prawą rękę. W koszulce z nazwiskiem Oleg Zhokh. No i zaczęły się spekulacje. Jednak wyjaśnienie było banalne – zawodnik walczył w koszulce, którą pożyczył mu Oleg.

25/11/2018 · Some other names include Cobra Rhodes, Jerry Cadorrette, Janis Amolin, Oleg Cherkasov, Andrey Pushkar. – 24% say they only train for arm wrestling. 30% do other gym/general strength training, 15% do powerlifting, the rest of the response divided between

20/2/2020 · Best training advice: Embrace armwrestling as part of your life, ensure that it is fun and enjoyable before everything else. Build a strong team around you, a team in armwrestling will help you more than any weight, machine or food ever can.


16/11/2018 · RIP Andrey, and Sergey Zhokh. Oleg Zhokh – at this time is in a regional hospital in Rivne, in a stable serious condition. He has hematoma of head, two fractures in the bone of the forearm of his left hand, the lungs are crushed. At this time, all of Ukraine and

Oleg you are inspiring to me. I know what it’s like to get kicked down by injury and extracted from your sport against your will. The difference with me is that I let my injury beat me down longer than it should have but you just keep going with no quit! I’m watching and

Born Armwrestler Oleg Zhokh! left hand группа вконтакте – What’s The Secret To Arm Wrestling? Devon Larratt with Skip Bedell #armwrestling #devonlaratt Episode 6: World Champion arm wrestler Devon Larratt joins Skip Bedell in Las Vegas and shows

The Greatest Armwrestler of all time John Brzenk discusses his upcoming season in the Top 8 tournament. JOIN THE POUND FOR POUND SUPPORTER GROUP and DETERMINE WHO I FACE NEXT. I will travel to this person somewhere between January and

24/9/2012 · I have met Matthias Schlitte, Oleg Zhokh, Dennis Cyplenkov and I honestly believe this guys hand tops them all!!! Meet Jeff Dabe, a 49 year old man with an insane hand/forearm, who showed up to my tournament yesterday. He pulled left hand supers, and won

Here is a list of some of the greatest arm wrestlers. There are a lot of great arm wrestlers out there and if you don’t see a name down there don’t get all mad We are adding more people as the site grows.

Oleg zhok nació con un dedo de más, por lo tanto lo tuvieron que operar de muy chico para removerle ese dedo por estética, sin embargo esto le da una ventaja por sobre sus oponentes ya que le otorga un tendon extra y por ende le otorga una mayor fuerza en las

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ПОДПИСЫВАЙТЕСЬ НА КАНАЛ И ВЫ ВСЕГДА БУДЕТЕ ВИДЕТЬ ВИДЕО НЕ ТОЛЬКО ФИНАЛОВ И ПОЛУФИНАЛОВ, НО И ЗАЗЕРКАЛЬЯ СОРЕНОВАНИЙ Cоревнования, события,звезды арм спорта, HELLO, HULK! « battle of views » Привет, СУПЕРМЕН! press-conference Zloty tour 2018

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The first training of Oleg Zhokh after the hospital 2019 ARMBETS TV, 26/03/2019 David Tua vs Oleg Maskaev BX 27, 17/11/2018 OLEG SURAJEV STAND-UP: VIS DAR KOMIKAS / 2019 1k, 09/07/2019 Mortal Kombat: Super Oleg vs Stryker Part 2 13yo girl

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Denis Tsyplenkov’s biceps vs Devon Larratt’s. Sizes disclosed! Watch the newest arm wrestling videos worldwide free on Armbets TV: https://armbets.tv To buy access

Oleg di – watch video. Best mobile videos experience. РЕАЛЬНАЯ СТОИМОСТЬ ДОМА 2018! Сколько стоит дом построить? Цена коробки дома из газобетона Oleg Di, 11/09/2018

The first training of Oleg Zhokh after the hospital 2019 Source: ARMBETS TV The post VIDEO: The first training of Oleg Zhokh after the hospital 2019 appeared first on XSportNews.com. The post VIDEO: The first training of Oleg Zhokh after the hospital 2019 9club

Denis Cyplenkov, Moscow. 48,274 likes · 776 talking about this. Official page of armwrestling athlete – Denis Cyplenkov The world champion of professional arm

This Week in ARMWRESTLING: OLEG ZHOKH + DOPING CONTROL+ PAL TOP 8 DENIS CYPLENKOV IN HOSPITAL (Will not take part in TOP 8 TOURNAMENT) Vitaly Laletin replaces Denis Cyplenkov in TOP 8