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14/2/2020 · 本帖最後由 teamhardcore 於 2019-5-26 09:10 編輯 好事成三, KZ AS16衝衝衝 KZ ZSN Pro 開箱 KZ ZS10 Pro 開箱 KZ AS16 開箱 2019-5-9 11:

The KZ AS16 come in a very small box. Far smaller than we are used to seeing but it has been done really nicely.Its a high quality cardboard affair and there is only a very subtle embossing of the KZ logo on the outside. Open the box and you get a really nice

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It was only logical for KZ to bring some of the CCA offerings under its own brand and aim higher while at it. That’s why the KZ AS16 were born: they are a KZ-branded CCA C16 with some differences in design (for the better, in my opinion) and tuning (not necessarily for the better, also in my opinion).

10/6/2019 · The KZ AS16 has 16 drivers in total. But does more drivers equal better performance? How does it rival against the KZ ZS10 Pro? Let’s find out more in this review. The AS16 translucent black shells. Since it seems that I am reviewing KZ IEMs on a fairly regular basis, let’s get our customary company introduction out of the way.


23/5/2019 · The KZ AS16 is the latest flagship from the brand. It got 8 Drivers and cost a mere 125$. Learn more with our review. Disclaimer : the KZ AS16 were provided to us, free of charge, by Linsoul in exchange of our honest opinion. Check their website as they also carry


สร ป ห ฟ ง KZ AS16 เหมาะก บใคร? ห ฟ ง KZ AS16 เหมาะก บผ ท กำล งมองหาห ฟ งแบบ In-Ear Monitor ค ณภาพส งไว สำหร บการฟ งเพลงโดยเฉพาะ ด วยการใช ไดร เวอร BA Balanced Armature ถ ง 8 ต วต อหน งข างจ KZ AS16 イヤホン 重低音 kz イヤホン イヤモニ型 イヤホン 3Dステレオサウンド Hi-Fi 高音質 イヤホン 片側 高精度のバランスド・アーマチュアドライバー8基を搭載 リケーブル可能 カナル型 イヤホン【透明感であるシェルと立派なフェイスプレートを採用 ハイレゾに対応上位 中華

Kz as16 KZ as16 用唔到5次,因耳機太多所以放,$550 另有一條8絞單晶銅鍍銀線2.5 kz qdc插頭放$200 如一起買可小議 過年後觀塘MTR交收

23/5/2019 · Conclusion The KZ AS16 are exactly what you expect them to be: the finest offer from KZ and a great performer sold at a very low price. For 125$, this IEM is definitely one of the best options you could get. No, this is one of the best sub-300$ options, just under the


New 8BA Balanced Armatures Earphones. As KZ is dedicated to pushing themselves for making ultimate unconventional products, here comes the first 8BA earphones.It features 31376 self-customized dual high frequency driver. The one piece armature+drive rod is more stable, lighter and the distortion rate is lower. AS16

– KZ AS16 單邊八鐵入耳式耳機 – 動鐵 x8, 0.75 2-pin 換線設計 – AS16 音色中正平均,能輕鬆駕馭不同類型的音樂 – 雜食型玩家必買之作 如果您對本商品有什麼問題或經驗,請在此留下您的意見和建議! 請 登入 或 註冊 後檢視商品評論! Home

KZ AS16價格比價共45筆商品。還有kz s1、KZ-AS16。不論是哪裡買、評價還是售價,多少價錢與歷史價格一次評比,比價王BigGo! 國際牌松下紫外線燈消毒燈臭氧殺菌除臭燈擕帶式充電幼稚園冰箱廚房洗衣機除蟎寵物貓狗兔子跳蚤滅菌燈具

4/12/2019 · 最近 KZ 跟 CCA 都出了堆動鐵的耳機。 麻煩強者我朋友在對岸「時分動聽」淘寶店弄了 CCA A10 過來。 順便對比一下我原本就有的 KZ AS16。 面板是霧面的金屬材質,佩戴感舒服不會重。一樣用繞耳耳掛。 包裝簡單不佔空間,反正我們要的是裡面的耳機。 CCA

6/2/2020 · 本帖最後由 Monet90 於 2019-4-29 12:16 編輯 剛出ZS 10 PRO, 跟手又講出AS16, 高潮剛起, 又想你來一個高潮, 可惜我老了受唔住, 都係等D後生仔試下真係OK先再考慮買唔買

12/5/2019 · Greetings, Today we’re checking out Knowledge Zenith’s (KZ) newest release to carry the title of brand flagship, the AS16. Ever since the release of the ZST a few short years ago, balanced armatures (BA) have been used in the vast majority of their products. With


We stock different models KZ Hifi Earphones, such as: AS16, ZS10 pro, KZ AS10, KZ ZS10 in ear HiFi bass headphones and earphones! You will find great deals at HiFiGo.

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KZ AS16 的價格比價,共有 39 件商品。飛比價格含有 [KZ AS10]、[KZ AS10耳機]、[KZ AS16] 相關產品。都在全台購物網站商品收錄齊全的飛比價格,供您完整比價、花最少買

KZ AS16 HiFi 16BA Balanced Armature Units Heavy Bass Earphone Friends, it seems to me that either the low-cost Chinese manufacturers have really gone mad? You may have already seen it, but if you haven’t, get ready – Knowledge Zenith has started selling


Unboxing the KZ AS16 begins like any other upper-tier KZ earphones i.e. with a plain black box that has a simple KZ logo on the front. Opening the front flap reveals the earphones seated in a black foam insert. The KZ plaque is present again too, which is a bit

17/10/2017 · 大家安安~我是曉菊~~好久沒有在行動板開箱了XD今天要開箱的是KZ的ZS6恩包含這支,這已經是我第三隻的KZ耳機了前面有ZST跟ZS5而且是幾乎連著買,連太座都開口說,你最近很常買耳機呢XDDD(因為ZS5跟ZS6實在長得很像,她就疑惑地說幹嘛同一支耳機

新款8BA平衡電樞耳機。由於KZ致力於推動自己製造終極非傳統產品,所以推出了首款8BA耳機。它配備了31376自定義雙高頻驅動器。單片電樞+驅動桿更穩定,更輕,失真率更低。與傳統的AS8相比,AS16的靈敏度也提高了7-8DB,特別是高200%和更高 精緻的

KZ as16 用過幾次 配件全齊 多谷 歡迎來到 DCFever 登入 會員登記 私人訊息 市集主頁 買賣助理 常見問題 意見收集 網站頻道 首頁 新聞中心 相機鏡頭

KZ AS16 イヤホン 重低音 kz イヤホン イヤモニ型 イヤホン 3Dステレオサウンド Hi-Fi 高音質 イヤホン 片側 高精度のバランスド・アーマチュアドライバー8基を搭載 リケーブル可能 カナル型 イヤホン【透明感であるシェルと立派なフェイスプレートを採用 ハイレゾに対応上位 中華イヤホン】 (銀

KZ AS16: Распаковка Я получил на обзор черную небольшую коробку с названием компании на лицевой стороне. Внутри коробки все обычно и без удивления, сверху лежат наушники и металлическая пластина с названием модели.

KZ AS16: Unboxing I got a review of a black small box with the name of the company on the front side. Inside the box, everything is usually and without surprise, the headphones on top and a metal plate with the name of the model. Further below lies in a separate

(購買前請用Price線上聯絡功能,或Whatapp:59296537聯絡我們, 購買時需表明是price客戶,購買後均不受理.)本公司已開立超過13年, 歷史悠久,誠信好,口碑佳 榮獲香港旅遊發展局頒發優質服務證書 連續10年獲得正版正貨商店的資格。


KZ AS16 Wired Headphone: Features and Specifications The earphones can be included in this category. You can take them with you to furnish your time. The KZ AS16 headphones will do the same.They are invented with acoustic technology to bind up the ever

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KZ AS16 Ces AS16 changent juste les BA hautes fréquences plus récents ainsi que quelques modifications sur les fréquences des 2 autres groupes de BA. C’est un peu limité mais ça change quelques petites choses. Pour éliminer 2 points inutile à aborder, la

沒聽過DT6,無法直接比較再補充一下人聲的部分 由於AS16沒個性、聲音非常直白,反映訊源的能力挺好,人聲部分與它接的前端極度相關 特別適合當監聽耳機,但這種風格並非人人能接受(我個人挺愛這種調性),內文提到的人 聲微甜,也是因為iD14聲音有些”潤”的緣故。

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類型:入耳式, 比較 KZ 16單元動鐵耳機 AS16 8BA 價格,查看詳細規格、用家意見、相關情報及二手買賣,安心訂購產品享折扣優惠及購物保障


上週六剛入手這款KZ-AS16,聲音表現這價位來說確實值得,但這四天下來,戴上後都沒啥問題可是只要耳朵稍微有觸碰,或是耳機有一點擠壓到耳骨就會感到很不舒服 之前有戴過繞耳式的也不太會這樣 不知版上有無相關經驗可以分享下,不然已經想認賠賣出了QQ —– Sent from JPTT on

KZ 聲學 打造平民化的高端耳機. 2,787 likes · 4 talking about this. KZ 聲學 打造平民化的高端耳機 現貨 真正原廠公司貨 {CP-AUDIO} KZ AS16 單邊八單元 動鐵 可換線CM耳機 21921486096626 | 露天拍賣-台灣

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Sounds like KZ house sound to me. Listening to the video you linked with ZS7 while waiting for the AS16 to be delivered, I hear cymbals closer to the 0:15 mark. I do enjoy KZ for EDM stuff, so I’m rather excited to wait for my AS16. 🙂 Looking at your preferred

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KZ AS16 イヤホン 重低音 kz イヤホン イヤモニ型 イヤホン 3Dステレオサウンド Hi-Fi 高音質 イヤホン 片側 高精度のバランスド・アーマチュアドライバー8基を搭載 リケーブル可能 カナル型 イヤホン【透明感であるシェルと立派なフェイスプレートを採用 ハイレゾに対応上位 中華イヤホン】 (銀

都是提動鐵的短版,但對我個人來說,AS16已算是很超值的選擇,畢竟 雖然以往自己重點不在耳道上,在某些展覽還是可以聽得到高階款發展的程度, 這副的聲音相較以往聽過的一些高價耳道,能和部分型號不相上下,可看出近年 來耳道的進步幅度非常大。 Linsoul KZ AS16 8BA Balanced Armatures in-Ear HiFi Metal Earphones with Aluminum Alloy Faceplate Resin Cavity, 0.75mm 2 Pin Detachable Cable (Without


ห ฟ ง KZ ย งคงคอนเซ ปท ความเป นห ฟ งแบบ In-Ear Monitor ใช ไดร เวอร ห ฟ งแบบ Balanced Armature ท ให เส ยงสมจร งและคมช ด ม ไมค ภายในต ว

4/10/2019 · KZ is also known for releasing many different models, so it gets convoluted when trying to figure out their hierarchy of IEMs. In a nutshell, the KZ offerings include the following series: AS – AS6, AS10, AS12, AS16 (balanced armature drivers – # denotes total ) AT


Disclaimer: The KZ AS16 were sent to us free of charge in exchange for our honest review. We thank team Linsoul for that! My video review can be found right here: Last week we reviewed the impressive FH7 IEMs from FiiO, this week however KZ AS16 from

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It took 15 months to complete the 16 units balanced armature acoustic technology breakthrough professional sound quality thus laid The sensitivity of 1khz is 7-8db higher than that of traditional dynamic earphones, and the high-frequency sensitivity is more than 200

The KZ AS16 wired headphone comes with the 105 dB sound power and the two-prong 0.75 mm cable connector and 15 ohms resistance. Therefore, the earphones are ready to create a marvellous story on behalf of the ergonomic design. The users will getKZ .

Cheap Earphones, Buy Directly from China Suppliers:KZ AS16 8BA 8 Balanced Armature Driver IEM HiFi Stereo In-Ear Earphone High Resolution Earbud Earphone with 0.75mm 2 pin Cable Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return.