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Netvigator redefines broadband by massively upgrading its speed and taking it to higher levels. Choose from 1G to 10G to suit your needs. Offers award-winning anti-virus software Norton Security, bank-grade Norton Secure VPN and parental control software Norton

網上行家居寬頻 網上行寬頻新標準, 將速度全面提升, 提供1G 至10G的選擇, 為今日、未來

The algorithm used on the MYSPEEDMETER website and the market ‘Speed test’ app on smartphones are very similar, speed difference is probably due the following outside factors: Available Bandwidth: Ensure the tests don’t overlap each other, as each test

Ookla Accessibility Statement At Ookla, we are committed to ensuring that individuals with disabilities can access all of the content at www.speedtest.net. We also strive to make all content in Speedtest apps accessible. If you are having trouble accessing www

我已根據speedtest.com.hk 的指示進行速度測試,但系統出現『測試人數超過上限,請稍後再試』提示,我該如何再測試? 為確保測試的準確性,系統會限制同一時間進行測試的人數,若同一時間內過多用戶同時進入本網站進行測試 (提示訊息『測試人數超過

Netvigator connection speed test, average speed, maximum speed & bandwidth speed test results. Test your Internet and compare your results. How Fast is Netvigator Internet Speed? We believe that it’s a conflict of interest when Internet service providers operate

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頻寬規格是指根據所申請的網上行網絡由您住所的數據機的寬頻線連接至第一台網絡器材或機樓之網絡規格。100M, 200M, 300M, 500M 及1000M光纖入屋寬頻計劃頻寬規格,最高下載及上載頻寬均分別為100Mbps / 200Mbps / 300Mbps / 500Mbps / 1000Mbps。

香港電訊作為本港首間推出10G光纖入屋寬頻服務的營運商。網上行為香港首間互聯網服務供應商提供「NETVIGATOR SHiELD」網絡安全服務予住宅用戶。 「香港I.T.至尊大獎」 13次獲獎及「服務第壹大獎」18次獲獎,全港第一;有關獲獎詳情,可按此參閱。

作為香港領先的互聯網供應商,網上行致力向用戶提供卓越的寬頻體驗,現正為我們的網上行光纖入屋用戶逐步提供IPv6服務。 閣下可於此網上行IPv6測試網頁測試您的地區至我們的網上行網頁的IPv6上網連線。請點擊上方左手邊的 [點擊測試] 按鈕,開始您的IPv6連線測試。

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The Office of the Communications Authority (“OFCA”) has commissioned Hong Kong Internet eXchange Limited (“HKIX”) to design, establish, operate, support and maintain a system for provision of broadband performance test service in Hong Kong (the “System”).


通訊事務管理局辦公室(”通訊辦”)委託香港國際互聯網交換中心設計、建立、操作、支援和維護一個測試系統以提供寬頻表現測試服務(”系統”)。 系統以處理在香港境內的寬頻表現測試而設計,讓寬頻服務用戶量度其寬頻連接的以下表現


Speedtest 2016 年第 4 季至 2017 年第 1 季的資料顯示,香港寬頻下載和上載平均速度分別達到 142.65 Mbps 和 126.59 Mbps。下載速度每年提升 13.7%,而上載速度則升 0.2%。 在遍佈港島、九龍和新界的香港 18 區,網絡速度大相逕庭。

The download, upload and ping test will be performed to the closest server available near your location. This will mean that test will also be influenced by other factors such as quality of interconnection of Netvigator with Internet backbone. This test is more relevant to

Check your pccw internet performance. Find out how to improve your pccw internet speed and download free internet tools e.g. internet download accelerator and many more. DATE Country Latency (ms) Jitter (ms) Download Speed (Kbps) Upload Speed (Kbps)

If there are too many users entering the website to undertake speed test at the same time (Message Warning “Exceed maximum number of speed test, please try again later” will appear), the test may be discontinued. In case of any foregoing situation, please 15.

NETVIGATOR Email Service NETVIGATOR email is a personal email service with unlimited storage and anti-spam protection, enabling NETVIGATOR customers to share, organize and keep up to speed across multiple platforms.

條款及細則 「2in1智能家居及Wi-Fi覆蓋掌控」家居無線網絡服務( 「家居Wi-Fi服務」)只適用於現有網上行客戶 ,為網上行寬頻服務之額外服務。 ^ 家居Wi-Fi實際情況需視乎單位實用面積、單位間隔、建築材料及其他外在因素及客戶的要求範圍而定。 # 有關兼容的家電及智能設備,請參閱SmartThings App。

Speedtest data from Q4 2016-Q1 2017 shows that the average broadband download and upload speeds in Hong Kong are fast at 142.65 Mbps and 126.59 Mbps, respectively. Download speeds have increased 13.7% year over year, while upload speeds have

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注意: 速度測試形式及責任: 客戶明白本速度測試是指由閣下之網絡連線至本網站存放於香港互聯網交換中心2(HKIX2)的伺服器進行上載或下載速度測試,其測試結果只供參考。「香港寬頻」對測試結果不作任何陳述及明示或默示方式之保証,對此等有關之任何法律責任、爭議、不滿或投訴概不負責。

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PCCW serves major commercial buildings with next-generation Fiber-to-the-Office (FTTO) technology, thereby empowering enterprises with first-rate, ultra-fast broadband connectivity. In addition, we provide 319Gbps the strongest overseas network experience 1, allowing you

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Query the most recent bandwidth speed test results for Netvigator. Partial Results: The most recent results have been displayed. Results over 50 Mbps are highlighted. Calculated from graphed results above not entire query.

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香港寬頻獲Speedtest評為全港最快寬頻服務供應商^,以實惠價格提供極速流暢上網體驗。嶄新全功能Home Gateway網絡安全路由器支援2Gbps光纖寬頻,集先進家居網絡安全防護及家長監護功能於一身,為家庭用戶提供企業級網絡保安方案。

測試及分晰香港3大寬頻速度大測試繁忙時段及非繁忙時段表現,包括有線寬頻(I-CABLE)、網上行寬頻(PCCW NETVIGATOR) 光纎入屋、和記寬頻(3香港固網寬頻)

Enjoy the convenience of managing your service(s) like checking your bills with your My HKT account. You may also get instant support via “Live Chat” if needed. 登入您的My HKT 賬戶,隨時隨地輕鬆管理您各項服務,例如查閱賬單等。有需要時,更可透過 「在線客

Hong Kong connection speed test, average speed, maximum speed & bandwidth speed test results. Test your Internet and compare your results. How Fast is Hong Kong (HK) Internet Speed? We believe that it’s a conflict of interest when Internet service providers



你試過新高彩烈報裝了1000Mbps寬頻,還從“小u網販”購入頂級的Router,但測速爲什麽Speedtest.net 只有200Mbps的速度?正想搵小u出氣之際,嘗試跳過Router直接用LAN綫將電腦和寬頻接入口連接,速度竟然還是僅有200Mbps?

ezone.hk 剛為各位介紹家用 IPv6 要知的 7 件事,跟住當然是進人 IPv6 實際教學,為各位提供 IPv6 啟用、設定步驟、IPv6 的測試方法。 確認軟硬件對應 IPv6 協定 如閣下的 ISP、路由器、客端裝置都已支援 IPv6 的話,像 ezone.hk 這次測試使用 Netvigator 1000M

9/2/2020 · 1. 試多幾個在香港的 speed test server 2. LAN card chip driver, 試下, 睇下有無 update 去最新 3. windows 同 mac os 比, 其實 mac 會快少少 4. windows, 你要 stop 左 anti-virus, firewall, 同其他可能會用到 network 的 background service 5. 用隻 live cd, boot 個 linux

Netvigator speed test with 9 recent results. Compare and test your maximum and average connection speed using our new test From the last 100k tests (look at last 400k tests)There are 9 results in

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FAST.com 為您估計目前的網路速度。通常您可以透過使用全球分散式伺服器的各大網路服務,達到此下載速度。 下載速度對網路內容消費者最為重要,因此我們的目標是讓 FAST.com 提供非常簡單快速的速度

8/8/2013 · 我今天剛剛叫師父上門安裝了1000M寬頻。可是,當我去「區域連線」中看時,卻看見: 一般 連線: 速度 100Mbps 不過,我現在是在電腦(PC)中發現它的速度未達到1000M,其實唔係只要我不用wifi,用PC就應該有1000嗎?

電訊局推出寬頻表現測試網站 電訊管理局(電訊局)今日(十二月二十三日)推出一個寬頻表現測試網站。市民現在可使用該網站測量他們所使用的寬頻服務的表現。 該測試網站測量的主要服務表現參數包括下載速度、上載速度、網絡時延、封包遺失和抖動。


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