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So after so many years of playing this game (but never getting much farther than the end of disc one) the mysterious “orthopedic underwear” you find in tifa’s house during the flashback bugged me enough to actually look up orthopedic, because I slept during english class the day the teacher taught us that word.

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14/3/2011 · I just wish it could become equipment for Tifa :(Game Final Fantasy VII 1997 Category Gaming Show more Show less Loading Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically

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For Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation, a GameFAQs message board topic titled “Kalm flashbacks: orthopedic underwear – miniscule spoilers”. Is there any indicator in the game at all showing whether or not you got this item from Tifa’s drawers? I notice its not in

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27/7/2013 · I’ll just pop those in my pocket for a good sniff later. The old panties & piano combo – poor old Tifa. Let’s Play Final Fantasy VII Steam HD Mod [15] – Duration: 27:01. Eyes on Final Fantasy

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Hi just a fast question, the Orthopedic Underwear in tifa room do you get it in your rare items in the preasant, since you get it in the past? dont get your panties in a bundle, i dont know the

30/1/2012 · If you’ve looked at any website or database that collects concept art for Final Fantasy VII, you may have stumbled across this image: Those are “Mystery Panties”, which was an unused key item for the original game. Most people deduced these were Tifa’s “Orthopedic Underwear”, which

11/4/2015 · A flashback within the safety of Kalm’s inn sees Cloud explain what the REAL crisis for the planet is: why does Tifa wear orthopedic underwear and is it possible to play Yuffie’s theme on Tifa’s

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Her orthopedic underwear is in some official material somewhere (or so it seemed) and it was quitie clear they were panties. If you’re feeling down, feeling abandoned, as if no one cares you exist, and Tifa knocks on your door, call the cops.

Question for Final Fantasy VII Is there any point of getting Tifas Underwear in her house when clouds telling Nanaki ,Barret and Tifa about his past? No, theres no point in having them, you don’t have to use them in any way. As for sephiroth, your right thats how he

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IIRC something about back support. BTW, that was never the original intention. In the Japanese version, as it’s apparently implied that Tifa was wearing underwear for more mature women. There was no orthopedic underwear and was only there because localization.


Howdy partners! Finally going to wrap this game up after a 20 year hiatus. I’m on a trophy quest for the Platinum. I took Tifa’s underwear to increase my chances of getting a date with Barrett later in the game, but I read this can be problematic in getting her final Limit Break.

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Returning to Nibelheim to obtain Tifa’s final Limit Break, Final Heaven and an Elemental Materia – part of the Final Fantasy VII walkthrough and strategy guide by Jegged.com This next portion can only be completed once Cloud has returned to your party but can also

2/9/2019 · Squaresoft (now Square Enix) published Final Fantasy VII on Sony’s PlayStation console after a falling-out with Nintendo over the latter’s extreme censorship policies (as well as a reported refusal to move away from the industry-standard ROM cartridge, which severely limited the scope of a game).

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当他们到达Nibelheim时,Sephiroth谈及到他的母亲—Jenova(对这个名字是不是有点熟悉?)。然后Cloud便可以在城镇里随便行动了。 先去Tifa的房子,你可以在她的房间找到一件”Orthopedic Underwear”(整形

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OK. So there’s been a long-running mystery surrounding Final Fantasy VII and a pair of women’s underwear. Turns out the game’s HoneyBee Inn was originally meant to be much larger, with extra

10/10/2007 · I basically want to hear any myths you guys have heard about any Final Fantasy game no matter how stupid. 1) FF7 – Get Tifa naked by getting the orthopedic underwear from her drawers in Cloud’s Nibelheim flash back and then searching that same drawer later on in the game. 2) FF7 – If you

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2/2/2012 · I think this concept was conceived before all the logic barriers were in place. It is possible to consider that the panties belonged to Tifa, and the joke was simply that she liked wearing “cute things”. But the deliberate phrase about how “they looked like a child’s panties” also makes it plausible that they do belong to Marlene after all, and perhaps the implication was enough to pass as

There’s no reward for playing it well, but if you do, Cloud will comment on this. If you can repeat your performance later on, you’ll benefit greatly from it. Finally, before you leave, search the dresser in Tifa’s room to find some “Orthopedic Underwear”. This joke won’t

Always take Tifa’s orthopedic underwear in the flashback Fight back the ever growing urge to kill myself during the Kalm flashback sequence Always name Cait Sith Spoiler Reeve Get mad at Palmer for making me unable to drink my GOD DAMN TEA

Hilarious moment in ff7. Although, Orthopedic Underwear would refer to her Bra, not her panties. xD Considering its orthopedic, and she needed medical help for her uh..back problems. so to speak. lol what can we say! Cloud is a pervert XD but he keeps a straight

15 Bizarre And Disturbing Quests In Final Fantasy VII Square’s 1997 release, Final Fantasy VII is filled with all kinds of quests and things you didn’t know about. Final Fantasy VII has to be one of the most beautiful games in existence – and if you’ve ever suffered through those boxy graphics, you’ll know we’re not talking about the game’s visuals.

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24/6/2015 · For the Remake, my biggest question is if we’ll still have the Orthopedic Underwear in Cloud’s Past. And then later on during the super dramatic scene where Sephiroth is breaking Cloud, Steve Burton will switch from a panicky, frenzied “No, no, you’re lying! I know

Final Fantasy VII star Tifa’s proportions have been a hot topic of discussion ever since the remake was announced, and following the character’s long-awaited reveal at E3 2019, director

as you wish. Cloud’s house is the upper right, Tifa’s house is below that one. Go inside, go up, go into her room on the left.. and check the drawer! Nice.. some Orthopedic Underwear..of course it’s true! You can also play the piano, and you might want to

Even upvoting you the thread is still at zero. Seems like people are very upset you want to see Tifa’s orthopedic underwear, dude. I don’t know why they’re so upset, she is my waifu. level 2 MazeMagic Original Poster 2 points · 3 years ago It’s a shame I was

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One thing you might want to do is go into Tifa’s house (the large building on the ‘southeastern’ side of town). You can read her stuff, play the piano (if you play the ‘Highwind’ theme, Cloud will act like he remembers it from somewhere), or even search her closet (hey, they changed ‘slightly-stretched underwear’ to ‘orthopedic underwear’.

Final Fantasy VII: 4th Disc – Perfect Guide Images by X-SOLDIER November 27, 2008 9 comments The mostly unknown 4th Disc of Final Fantasy 7’s International Version has some additional content that many people are unaware of due to the fact that the

Be sure to go into Tifa’s house as well, which is next door. In Tifa’s room, you can get Orthopedic Underwear from the cabinet with the three boxes on it. You can also read the letter on the desk, and play the piano. Head to the Inn, and talk to Zangan, then the

Buy now and we’ll thrown in Tifa’s Orthopedic Underwear! Did anyone not go all the way into Tifa’s bedroom? For a bit of context, Cloud is telling the story of that day five years ago, while present day Tifa keeps interrupting him “did you really do that?” and of

The walkthrough section for both Nibelheim and Mount Nibel – part of the Final Fantasy VII walkthrough and strategy guide by Jegged.com Enter Tifa’s house. The next house to the right of the Nibelheim Item Store is Cloud’s House – Tifa’s is the one to the right of

19/6/2019 · I think this is evidenced in the result, as if you look at Tifa’s new design, it looks completely in line with the translation of FF7 to AC. Her proportions are fine, her aesthetic is functionally unchanged. Also the quora answer you reference is not a conclusive study

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12/6/2019 · Also the ORTHOPEDIC UNDERWEAR you find in her room during the flashback is a real thing. Then again this argument is fairly silly, there are three minor facts that make Tifa bust size as a teenager relevant. The orthopedic underwear item you find in her room

You will receive Tifa’s Orthopedic Underwear! Submitted by: X5Kai on Dec 21, 2002 Verified by: gothvamp, christigner Hey I just saw this when I was playing FF7 from the Playstation Network

22/6/2017 · But if you haven’t noticed I’ve been replaying old FFs a lot (because I can’t afford new ones) and I might as well give FF7 its fair shot this time. So there. -The translation is almost schizophrenic. Like, on the one hand its use of vernacular is generally on point .

FF7 Recap, Ep. IV: The Nibelheim Flashback Posted on September 28, 2013 by admin Woo hoo! It’s time to head out of town and tackle the world map. A whole new wooooorld! A

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21/5/2019 · The creative team wants to put together a video surrounding Tifa’s potential appearance at E3 and her appearance in the Remake in general, covering everything from fan speculation, why folks care so much, and finally, what we’d personally like to see. Since 1997, Tifa has made several